With its textile production center in North Africa, Aksa Egypt of the Akkök Holding quickly achieved a strong position in the entire region, and particularly in Egypt. Aksa Egypt rapidly gained an exclusive and privileged position in North Africa, particularly in Egypt, thanks to its extensive know-how, competent staff, and high product quality that is well known in both the domestic and international markets.

With a production capacity of 12,000 tons/year for painted tows and 4,380 tons/year for tops and bumps, the plant features a flexible and market-compliant machinery.

Expanding its operations in the entire North African region, and particularly in Egypt, Aksa Egypt is an important Aksa subsidiary. Aksa Egypt achieved a capacity utilization rate of 84 percent thanks to the stabilization of the political climate and new economic reforms that started in Egypt in 2014 and continued throughout 2015, and thus reached a turnover of $27 million.

Planning to use its resources in the most efficient manner given the signals that the positive atmosphere in the country will persist in 2016, Aksa Egypt aims to reach the same capacity utilization rates by capitalizing on the potential export markets in Africa as well. 

The Aksa Egypt production plant in Alexandria occupies a total area of 45,000 square meters It has an indoor area of 5,500 square meters allocated for acrylic fiber dyeing activities and 1,200 square meters allotted for tops and bumps production. Producing dyed tow at a capacity of 12,000 tons/year and tops and bumps at a rate of 4,380 tons/year, the plant features a flexible and market-compliant machinery. 

Fitco is a direct investor in Aksa Egypt with 99 percent share and has not changed its activities in 2015.

Factory Address : Alexandria / Egypt
Production Capacity : 12,000 tons/year in dyed tows, 4,380 tons/year in beige and dyed tops/bumps 
Products : Dyed tow, beige, and dyed tops/bumps

Address: Egypt Acrylic Fiber Industry S.A.E. Head Office: 4th. Industrial Zone, Plot: 19 (Parts:1-2-13-14) New Borg El-Arab City, Alexandria, Egypt

Phone: +203 459 48 50 – 51
Fax: +203 459 74 31
Web: www.aksa.com
E-Mail : aksa@aksa.com