Transparency toward social stakeholders and accountability toward the public with regard to the Group’s activities constitutes an important aspect of Akkök corporate culture. To display this responsibility, Aksa organizes Open House Days four times a year. Members of the press, the residents of Yalova and neighboring cities, students from around the world, customers and other stakeholders are invited to the Open House Days, organized with the participation of the Triple Responsibility team members. During the Open House Days, the guests are informed about business processes, environmental management systems and Aksa’s contribution to the province. Guests are taken on a tour to the production facilities, raw material storage area and wastewater treatment facility. Open House Days continued in 2010 as well.

Akkök Group considers non-governmental organizations and local bodies as strategic business partners in all of its social responsibility projects. The Group takes care to establish long-term communications with these associations and organizations. The Group also plays an active role in professional associations and shares its accumulated knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the entire sector.

Akkök Group significantly contributes to the Turkish economy thanks to the achievements of its companies operating in various sectors. The Group will continue to add value to the future of the society and nature through its social responsibility projects.