Sustainable Development plays a large part in the future perspective and strategies of the Akkök Group of Companies.

In 2007, the Akkök Group of Companies took the first step towards aligning its corporate responsibility philosophy with universal norms by signing the United Nations Global Compact, a leading document on the widespread adoption of universal principles for sustainable development. The initial Global Compact Report, covering 2008 and 2009, laid out the Group's understanding of sustainable growth, social responsibility and corporate governance. The subsequent reports illustrate the improvements the Group achieved throughout the years.

In 2012, a Sustainability Report was issued to provide in-depth information about performance and initiatives in environmental, social, ethical and economic issues. The repport was compliant with GRI (Global Reporting Initative) and was certified at the C level.

This report, issued by the Sustainability Committee composed of representatives from Aksa Akrilik, Ak-Kim Kimya, Akenerji, Ak-Tops , Akiş GYO and Akkök A.Ş., is the fifth Progress Report. It is also the first extensive sustainability report that is compliant with the requirements of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. The report includes our achievements in sustainability policies and procedures, and our performance in environmental protection, work health and safety, responsible supply chain, employee initiatives and contribution to society. The report also contains governance practices and financial disclosures of the Akkök Group.

The idea of the creation of a shared and collective culture of development among all the world’s inhabitants is the basis of the UN Global Compact Principles. The Global Compact introduces universal principles and defines a brand new corporate responsibility based on full voluntarism. It emphasizes the necessity for the social and environmental sustainability of development and creates an opportunity for public, private and non-governmental organizations to come together around a common ideal within a network of corporate citizenship.

Sustainability Management at Akkök

The Sustainability Committee houses the Corporate Communication, Human Resources, Environment, Health&Safety Committees. Composed of Aksa Akrilik, Ak-Kim Kimya, Akenerji, Ak-Tops, Akiş GYO and Akkök A.Ş. representatives, these committees convene regularly to support the reporting process. Please submit your questions and suggestions on sustainability to

Members of the Akkök Sustainability Committee

Aylin Yılmaz
Bahar Selçuk
Coşkun Özata
Didem Hiçyorulmazlar
Doğan Arabacıoğlu
Ebru İnanır
Ece Çalıkoğlu Turan
Eda Işık
Engin Engeloğlu
Coşkun Özata
Didem Hiçyorulmazlar
Doğan Arabacıoğlu
Ebru İnanır
Ece Çalıkoğlu Turan
Eda Işık
Engin Engeloğlu
Enida Bajgoriç
Fethi Baytan
Gülnaz Pola
Güney Devrim İldiri
Hande İpek
Hasan Nejat Mesci
Hatice Demircan
İpek Badırgalı
Leyla Melike Koçgündüz
Mustafa Taşyürek
Nazlı Kurtbaba
Nejat Mesci
Osman Karaokçu
Özlem Özbatır
Özlem Sefer Palabıyık
Öznur Ozar
Seda Keskin
Selda Özacar
Selma Yılmaz
Serhan Başer
Sevda Utaş Alemdağ
Sevgi Ulugöl
Sezgin Özgür
Sibel Bekler Keçeci
Sibel Demircan Taş
Sultan Avtepe
Şerife Füsun Ömür
Vedat Ateşoğlu
Yalçın Tanes
Yarem Başak Çimen
Zeynep Solak

* As a result of the Group's reorganization and streamlining efforts, Ak-Tops Tekstil Sanayi A.Ş. continues its business under Aksa Akrilik Kimya Sanayii A.Ş.